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Dumfries Youth Open

24 players from Dumfries, Ayrshire, Edinburgh, Dundee & Falkirk competed in this years Dumfries Youth Open held at our club venue with players split into two bands of 12. A big turnout from Dumfries players, especially a number of new players competing in their first ever event.  Well done to all players who played professionally throughout the day, winner of the Band 1 was South Ayrshire’s Tony Nelson, beating Dumfries’s Lauren MacLeod 12-10 in the fifth in the deciding match & last match of the day.

Band 2 winner was South Ayrshire’s Chris Taylor who narrowly beat North Ayrshires Nathan Hogg to claim the title.  Jess Hogg finished WINNER of the 1 point competition which began the days play, with a win in the final v Edinburgh’s Hadyn Jackson. Dumfries’s Blaire & Catrin played great throughout the day, finishing 3rd and 4th in Band 1. All Dumfries youngsters showed vast improvement with a number of players achieving great results from start to finish. Full list of positions below ;

Band 1
Positions 1-6
1. Tony Nelson
2. Lauren MacLeod
3. Blaire Huxtable
4. Catrin Ace
5. David Hay
6. Charlie McGowan

Positions 7-12
7. Holly McNamara
8. Chad Duncan
9. Kyle Neary
10. Hadyn Jackson
11. Josh Orr
12. Finlay Zanna

Band 2
Positions 1-6
1. Chris Taylor
2. Nathan Hogg
3. Jess Hogg
4. Adam Nicol
5. Aron McDonald
6. Shannon Brown

Positions 7-12
7. Reuben DeSilva
8. Maria DeSilva
9. Stewart Roberts
10. Nicole Barrett
11. Mohammed Ali
12. Brodie McGintey

Photos from photographer will be posted on our Facebook page shortly, so keep a look out for them.


Dumfries Youth Open

Dumfries TTC will hold their annual Youth Open on Saturday September 30th at our club venue with entry deadline on Wednesday 27th September. The Dumfries Youth Open will be an assessment competition which will maximise matches for everyone and will make every player play for a final position. Entries will be limited to 32 players and will operate on a last in first out basis, the past 3 years our event has been full before the entry deadline date.

As always, we welcome junior players from all clubs and all levels in Scotland and hope this will be another successful event with a variety of players and levels. The event will start at 10am with a 1 point competition and the main competition will be split in a Band 1 event and Band 2 event depending on playing level. We welcome all  Club venue and canteen will be open from 9am with full information available below on entry form.

If you require more information, please contact Chris Main on [email protected] or 07590470426.

Dumfries Youth Open – Entry Form

          Entries will be limited to 32 players and will operate on a last in first out basis

          Play will take place on Stiga & Butterfly Tables with XSF 3* Balls

          Assessment style competition which will maximise matches for everyone

          All matches will be up to 11 points & best of 5 sets

          Competition will be split into Band 1 & 2 events depending on playing ability

          1 point tournament to begin the days play

          Winners & Runners Up of each band will be awarded Trophies

          Cheques made payable to Dumfries Table Tennis Club

          Hall will be opened from 9am and club canteen will be open for food & drink

          Open to all junior players from all clubs, born in 2000 or later (u18)

          Any further information please contact [email protected] or 07590470426

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Awards For All

Dumfries Table Tennis Club are delighted to have received a substantial amount of funding from SportScotland & Lottery Fund via their Awards For All scheme to support our continued development of table tennis in and around Dumfries.
Over the next 12 months, Dumfries TTC will be aiming to set up new satellite clubs in various areas of Dumfries & Galloway and new classes at our club venue at Dumfries TTC., We will be supporting these clubs & classes with new equipment, such as tables, barriers, bats and balls and assigning one of our qualified coaches to each new weekly session.
This project’s main objectives is the inspire the next generation of table tennis players in Dumfries while giving as many people as possible, young and old, the chance to play table tennis, regardless of what area of Dumfries they reside in.
With the increase of classes and clubs in Dumfries & Galloway, Dumfries TTC will have a bigger presence in our local community, which in return will make people aware of the variety of activities that are offer on a weekly basis, at our full time centre and through-out Dumfries & Galloway.
If any community group, youth group or local school is interested in more table tennis, or would like more information about this project, please contact us via our website or our Facebook Page –

Dumfries Youth Open Results

24 junior players from Dumfries, Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth & Aberdeen competed at this year’s Dumfries Youth Open which was held at Dumfries TTC on Sunday 4th Sept. Play commenced at 10am with players split into 4 banded events depending on their Scotish ranking and playing standard. This was a great opportunity for all of Dumfries’s up and coming players to  compete against some of the top ranked junior players in Scotland at their club venue.

The top banded event, Band 1, was eventually won by 2nd seed Charlie Morton from Glasgow South, who won 8 matches from 8 and defeated the top seed Harvey McDonald (South Ayrshire) 3 sets to 1. Rafal Wolowski from Aberdeen TTC finished in runners up position ahead of James Woods (Glasgow South) and Ryan Henry.

Band 2 champion was Robin Wilson from North Ayrshire Table Tennis Club who defeated David Cormack from Perth in an entertaining last match 3-1 which decided the winner of this band.  

Band 3 was won by Jamie Johnson from North Ayrshire Table Tennis Club, who fought hard all day winning his matches.

Band 4 was won by Dumfries TTC’s very own Finlay Zanna who played some of his best table tennis to date and won all his matches in his round robin group. Well done Finlay. 

Hadyn Jackson from Murrayfield TTC (Edinburgh) finished in runners up position.

Band 1 Positions

  1. Charlie Morton
  2. Rafal Wolowski
  3. James Woods
  4. Ryan Henry
  5. Harvey McDonald
  6. Gutam Kukar

Band 2 Positions

  1. Robin Wilson
  2. David Cormack
  3. Cammy Steel
  4. Luke Hennesey
  5. Lauren MacLeod
  6. Catrin Ace

Band 3 positions

  1. Jamie Johnson
  2. Josh Orr
  3. Tony Nelson
  4. Martin Krus
  5. Owen Wilson
  6. Blair Huxtable

Band 4 positions

  1. Finlay Zanna
  2. Hadyn Jackson
  3. Holly McNamara
  4.  Charlie McGowan
  5. Antoni Murray

Dumfries Youth Open 2016

The Dumfries Youth Open will be held at Dumfries TTC on Sunday 4th September with the closing date for entries being Wednesday 31st August. Similar to last last years successful event, we will be limiting the competition to 32 players and will act on a last in first out basis.
Open to junior, cadet & minor players, the Band 2 will be aimed beginners / intermediates and Band 1 will be national / regional players. All relevant information is available on entry form and don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any more information.

Dumfries Youth Open 2016 – Entry Form

dttc british

D & G Standard Wish Campaign Final Result

Dumfries Table Tennis Club would like to thank all those who collected tokens.

We have received £85.24 which will go towards funding the cost of entering our team in the Senior British League this season.  The team is as follows Lauren MacLeod, Kenny Lee, Keir Morton, Liam Marshall, Ross Thompson and Danny Bajwa.

Many Thanks

Kenny Lee (DTTC Secretary)


Secondary Schools Competition

Great turn out at Dumfries Secondary schools competition held at Dumfries TTC today. 50 children from S1 to S6 all competing and some great TT from both familiar and new faces. Hopefully see some of them down at the club for coaching and open nights soon. Thanks to Senga Thomson and Anne Brown for organising and for the other club stalwarts who helped out. Results from Dumfries senior schools event below –

Under 13 Girls
Winner: Jade Watson – Dumfries Academy
Runner-up: Kelsey Cooney – Dumfries Academy

Under 13 Boys
Winner: Nathan Gibson – Dumfries High
Runner-up: Finlay Zanna – Dumfries Academy

Under 15 Girls
Winner: Emily Wallace – Dalry
Runner-up: Caitlin McLeod – Dalry

Under 15 Boys
Winner: Ross burns – St Joseph’s College
Runner-up: Dylan Holmes – Annan Academy

Under 18 Girls
Winner: Emily Morton – Wallace Hall
Runner-up: Emily Wallace – Dalry

Under 18 Open Boys/Girls
Winner: Nicole Wright – Castle Douglas
Runner-up: Alex Shearman – Lockerbie

Elite (Handicap event)
Winner: Danny Bajwa – Dumfries High
Runner-up: Andrew Kennedy – Wallace Hall


North Ayrshire Open Results Day 2

Results from the Junior events:

Shannon Brown:

  • Played in the Mixed U11s.
  • Played in the Minors (U13s).  Her group also included Catrin.

Finlay Zanna:

  • Played in the Junior Doubles with Nathan Gibson.  They won one match and were unlucky not to win another in their group of four.
  • Played in the Cadets (U15s) and won a match in his group.
  • Reached the last 12 (round of 16) of the Minors.  His group also included Nathan.

Nathan Gibson:

  • Played in the Junior Doubles with Finlay Zanna.
  • Reached the last 16 of the Cadets after finishing second in his group.
  • Played in the Minors and won one match in his group.

Catrin Ace:

  • Played in the Junior Doubles with Lauren and won one match in their group of four.
  • Reached the quarter-finals of the Cadets.  There was a great 3/1 win in her group against Charlotte McCarty (Swerve/Cleveland), number 40 under-15 in England.
  • Reached the semi-finals of the Minors.

Danny Bajwa:

  • Reached the quarter-finals of the Junior Doubles with Martin Johnson (North Ayrshire).
  • Reached the semi-finals of the Cadets.
  • Reached the last 16 of the Juniors (U18s).

Lauren MacLeod:

  • Played in the Junior Doubles with Catrin.
  • Played in the Juniors and won one match in her group.

Keir Morton:

  • Won the Junior Doubles with Calum Morrison (Murrayfield) beating Yaser Razouk (Drumchapel) and Dylan Curry (Aberdeen).
  • Reached the semi-finals of the Juniors.

Liam Marshall:

  • Reached the last 16 of the Juniors.
  • Liam also did a brilliant job as Club NPC for the youngsters earlier in the day.

Thanks to all the parents who came up to support the players and Kenny Lee for the web and social media updates.



North Ayrshire Open Results Day 1

Results of the DTTC players from the North Ayrshire Open Senior events on Saturday 21st November 2015.

Danny Bajwa:

  • Played Open Doubles with Martin Johnson.
  • Played in the Mens Singles.
  • Played in the Band 1 where he made it out of his group.

Keir Morton:

  • Reached the quarter-finals of the Open Doubles with Calum Morrison.
  • Reached the last 32 of the Mens Singles.
  • Won the Band 1 event beating Robert Toth 3/2 in the final.

Ross Thompson:

  • Played in the Mens Singles.
  • Reached the last 16 of the Band 2 event after winning his group.  He lost out to Rhian.

Liam Marshall:

  • Played Open Doubles with Kenny.
  • Played in the Mens Singles.
  • Reached the quarter-finals of the Band 2.

Renee Ho:

  • Played Open Doubles with Rhian.
  • Reached the quarter-finals of the Ladies Singles.
  • Played in the Band 1 but was unable to progress from her group due to a count back.

Calum Main:

  • Reached the final of the Open Doubles with Chris Wheeler where they lost out to Niall Cameron and Sean Doherty.
  • Reached the final of the Mens Singles losing out to Chris Wheeler 1/3 in the final.

Rhian Williams:

  • Played Open Doubles with Renee.
  • Played in the Ladies Singles but was unable to progress from her group due to a count back.
  • Reached the semi-finals of the Band 2.

Kenny Lee:

  • Played Open Doubles with Liam.
  • Played in the Mens Singles.
  • Played in the Band 2 where he picked up a couple of sets in his group.

Kay Solaja:

  • Played in the Veterans Over 55s.
  • Played in the Band 2.

Dumfries Regional Development Day

Thanks to Stephen Gertsen for taking the sessions at the TT Regional Day on 7th November! Both sessions were well attended and received. Thanks to the volunteers for helping out with the first session and a big thanks to Senga for helping to arrange the day.