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Dumfries Youth Open

24 players from Dumfries, Ayrshire, Edinburgh, Dundee & Falkirk competed in this years Dumfries Youth Open held at our club venue with players split into two bands of 12. A big turnout from Dumfries players, especially a number of new players competing in their first ever event.  Well done to all players who played professionally throughout the day, winner of the Band 1 was South Ayrshire’s Tony Nelson, beating Dumfries’s Lauren MacLeod 12-10 in the fifth in the deciding match & last match of the day.

Band 2 winner was South Ayrshire’s Chris Taylor who narrowly beat North Ayrshires Nathan Hogg to claim the title.  Jess Hogg finished WINNER of the 1 point competition which began the days play, with a win in the final v Edinburgh’s Hadyn Jackson. Dumfries’s Blaire & Catrin played great throughout the day, finishing 3rd and 4th in Band 1. All Dumfries youngsters showed vast improvement with a number of players achieving great results from start to finish. Full list of positions below ;

Band 1
Positions 1-6
1. Tony Nelson
2. Lauren MacLeod
3. Blaire Huxtable
4. Catrin Ace
5. David Hay
6. Charlie McGowan

Positions 7-12
7. Holly McNamara
8. Chad Duncan
9. Kyle Neary
10. Hadyn Jackson
11. Josh Orr
12. Finlay Zanna

Band 2
Positions 1-6
1. Chris Taylor
2. Nathan Hogg
3. Jess Hogg
4. Adam Nicol
5. Aron McDonald
6. Shannon Brown

Positions 7-12
7. Reuben DeSilva
8. Maria DeSilva
9. Stewart Roberts
10. Nicole Barrett
11. Mohammed Ali
12. Brodie McGintey

Photos from photographer will be posted on our Facebook page shortly, so keep a look out for them.