*UPDATE* Club Reopening

* * UPDATE * *

Please note that the £3 booking fee no longer applies as of 13th October.

Further details of fees from 1st December 2020 will be released shortly.

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The Club is now in a position to open to those wishing to play.

A booking system is available for members to book time slots for a table.

There are four tables available (one robot and three tables).  Only two people will be allowed to play at one table for each time slot (solo players can book the robot, if they wish).  A table will cost £3 to book – this is to be done at the time of booking via Paypal.  This allows for 1.5 hours of table time plus extra time to prepare/clean the playing area.

In order to be registered on the system, please get in touch with Kenny Lee.  A document with guidance/expectations will be issued which is to be acknowledged before a player is registered.

As noted, those using the booking system must also be members.  We note that the memberships for 19/20 have been extended until 30th November 2020 when a review will take place.

For non-members who wish to use the facility in the meantime, we ask for a payment of £20 (adult) / £10 (junior/student) to cover a basic membership until 30th November.

Some players may wish to get in touch with others to arrange a game.  For those set up on the booking system, contact details will be available when signed in. A WhatsApp group chat or email group can also be set up which would help with contacting multiple people.

Many thanks to the Committee for their involvement in getting the Club prepared for the reopening.